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May 2022



Mary Magdalene went and announced to the disciples, “I have seen the Lord!” – John 20”18a (NRSV)


Beloved Neighbors in Christ,


Happy Easter, my family and friends! Yes…Happy Easter! I continue to remind you that we can say “Alleluia! He is risen indeed” over these next weeks. Although the day of Easter, also referred to as the Resurrection of Our Lord, has come and gone, the season of Easter remains. So does the sharing of the joy and excitement of the resurrection event continue with us. Let us enter into this joy and celebration daily and may it enrich our lives.


Our story does not stop with Mary sharing with what she witnessed; it continues with Jesus appearing to the disciples the same day, and in the same place the following week. Thomas, called the Twin, mightily confesses “My Lord and my God!” (John 20:28) upon Jesus appearing to him and asking him to place his fingers into his hands and his side. Let his confession be our confession. As they believed, so should we too, especially after having the Holy Spirit breathed on them by the resurrected Christ. This gift of the Spirit, helps the beloved disciples become Apostles, meaning ones who go out and teach, preach, and retell of the glory given to them by Jesus Christ. This same Spirit is breathed on us, beginning at the baptismal font when we were adorned with the healing and forgiving waters of new life. As faithful Christians, we are called to share in that message with the ones who believe, the ones who have never heard the message, and for those who need to hear it again.


Recall my challenge to you about reminding others of the raising of Christ from the dead: I ask you to retell the story to someone about Jesus’ resurrection, the power and love of God that we witness each day of our lives, and invite them to worship on Sunday mornings with us. Mary Magdalene could have easily walked away from seeing Jesus on that first day of the week, but rather she ran to those whom she loved and shared with them of the sign, or miracle, of Jesus speaking to her. She ran to repeat Jesus’ message that was shared with her and to echo his words in calling them to reassemble and continue sharing the Kingdom of God. Let us repeat what she did – let someone else know and invite them into our congregations.


I wish you, your families, and everyone else a blessed Easter season and a healthy spring this May. If we have not seen you in the pews recently, know that you are loved and are welcomed back into the sanctuaries that we call home. Let our numbers as worshipping and faithful communities grow as we move forward standing strong on the name of the Risen Christ!


May God bless you all and I’ll see you very soon.


In His sake,


Rev. Erik Karlson                                                                                                                    

Pastor, Neighbors in Christ Parish


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